WordPress themes November 4, 2008 | 08:26 pm


version 1.0, updated 11/3/2008

Theme based on elegant livejournal theme by evan. It’s intended to be used in multiuser blogs with user photo plugin.

No Css

version 1.0, updated 11/3/2008

White and clean theme almost without css styles. Fonts and colors will be default of your browser

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  1. NoCss — Simple Themes Says:

    [...] Release Page [...]

  2. 108billy from Canada Says:

    Love the themes. Elegant is the one I am checking out. Found your site in my search for the user image and how it needs to work.

    Really nice and clean themes….very easy on the eyes.

    I will post you a link to the finished project…………when its finished :)

  3. 108billy from Canada Says:

    All ready ran into problems right at the get go.

    The corner image in a post doesn’t show and it links to a couple of directories that don’t even exist.


    Haven’t the foggiest idea.

  4. elisa v Says:

    Thanks a lot for your nocss theme
    But i ve got a problem with it : i dont’ manage to show links
    i can’t add the widget links because it appears as already used, but at the right i obviously appears as already used
    is there a solution?
    thank you
    elisa v

  5. Anonymous Says:

    tnx for blog

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